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Mission. Delicious baked wraps

Our wraps are a hit
all over the world.

It's all thanks to the unique recipe. Food lovers all over the world fell in love with them for the incredible smoothness of the bread, the freshness, delicacy, amazing freshly-baked scent and the real taste of baked goods!


Safety and quality are our priorities. That's why we take such good care of our products at every stage of production. We use specialised programs to carefully inspect the raw materials and ingredients used to make wraps. A unique monitoring system ensures their quality.

This is all done to ensure that we offer healthy and delicious wraps that you can use in any recipe!

Our philosophy

Mission Wraps is a family company founded in 1948. We are a part of the Gruma group. Delivering taste and aroma to the kitchens of our customers all over the world is our passion. For over 60 years we've been improving the recipe of our wraps to make them perfect for the entire family on any occasion. In our company, people are the most important asset. That's why we think about you when we create our products. We hope that our passion and commitment to what we do are present in the taste of our products.

For any occasion

With Mission Wraps, every day will be full of inspiration and pleasant surprises. Do you fancy a healthy and tasty meal? Grab Mission Wraps! They are perfect for those who appreciate good taste and care about their eating habits. You can combine our wraps with your favourite ingredients and eat them any time, anywhere!

The secret of our wraps is the fresh, aromatic, soft and delicate dough we use. We make the wraps using only the best quality ingredients; we bake them and pack them carefully. Our unique Fresh & Soft recipe and the unique packaging system ensure our wraps stay fresh for a long time, enabling you to enjoy their extraordinary taste, on and on!

Our wraps

Mission Wraps
are available in a range of variants.

We offer classic Original wraps, Multigrain and Spelt & Oat wraps, completely natural 0% preservatives - and Mediterranean Herbs with aromatic herbal scent. Every taste is special and turns a normal meal into an extraordinary feast! Try them and choose your favourite!


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